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5 Minute Tour of Reclaim HQ

? While back at Reclaim HQ I took a quick video providing a tour of the space, highlighting Reclaim Video, the burgeoning collection of 80s arcade cabinets, as well as a sneak peak at the installation we built with Ryan … Continue reading

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Come and Play with Us, Danny Revisited

In 2010, a six year old Miles discovered the creepy twins from The Shining in a Northern Virginia pizza joint. Almost 7 years later the twins have returned in the form a custom-made Shining t-shirt Antonella bought for me on my … Continue reading

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Reaction Time is a Factor

I was playing with our video camera earlier this summer showing Miles how to use the tripod, shoot with various lenses, framing, etc. Nothing groundbreaking, but it’s always fun to play with video. Anyway, for some reason I decided to … Continue reading

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Cults Go Outside

I’ve been playing music with my kids on Thursday and Fridays afternoons when they enjoy half-days at school (you have to love Italy!). Today I decided to revisit the indie band Cults, which I first discovered back in the Summer of … Continue reading

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Sunday in the Mountains

I’ve been in Italy with my family for almost 5 months now. The time has flown by, probably because we’ve been having a blast. I’m really starting to get settled into my life here. In fact, pretty soon it might … Continue reading

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Response to Concerned Students of Noir 106

I got the following email this evening: So, in keeping with the anonymous demands, I made my video response. Cliff notes: I have no idea what they’re talking about. Response to the Concerned Students of Noir 106 from Jim Groom … Continue reading

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Even the Soviets Loved Silicon Valley

I already posted about how the major plotline of the 1985 James Bond film A View to a Kill is all about ending the domination of Silicon Valley. Another bit from this film along those lines I thought I should … Continue reading

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