4 Icon Cookie Challenge….the bava abides

Image credit: jennifer könig

I just happened to stumble upon some images from the recent Lebowskifest cast reunion (the film was made over 13 years ago!!!). I’m an unabashed fan, so I got sucked down the rabbit hole. The images led me to the Lebowskifest site which led me to the livestream archive of the reunion, which is awesome. John Goodman seems like he is a psycho, and Julianne Moore actually got pregnant midway through the filming and refers to her son in the following video as the little Lebowski—I love that! And what’s even more awesome about the video is that the cast is just goofing on the film and having fun with the quotes that every fan goofs on amongst themselves. Surreal.

Watch live streaming video from thebiglebowski at livestream.com

I then searched on and ran across this image by Mauzygirl in the Big Lebowski Flickr group/pool that features an amazingly ornate batch of Lebowski cookies she made. They are amazing, so I got the idea of doing a 4 icon challenge ds106 assignment—but this time based on cookie designs. How cool would it be to have students bake these icons for this assignment?

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One Response to 4 Icon Cookie Challenge….the bava abides

  1. Alan Levine says:

    How about dog biscuits?

    Next time you are in the Village, check out the Little Lebowski store (sadly it was closed when I was there in May)

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