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Altec Lansing ACS 45.1

Back in 1997 I took out a personal loan from the UCLA Credit Union to acquire my first computer: a glorious Quantex Intel Pentium II with 64 MB of RAM. Playing games on Windows 95 had become part of my … Continue reading

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100 Years of EdTech

I was more than a little envious of all the great folks enjoying the OER24 conference on the ground in Cork last week. It looked like an absolutely smashing event, and as I blogged last year, it’s definitely my favorite … Continue reading

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AI106: Long Live the New Flesh

I’ve been hinting a bit about Oblivion University, and part of being coy was that it wasn’t entirely clear what form it would take. I knew after Michael Branson Smith‘s (MBS Productions) brilliant example of training AI Levine for his … Continue reading

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It Came from the bava Archive, Volume 1

Back in September I installed the On This Day plugin to start trying to review and clean-up the bava archive on a more regular basis. With almost 4,000 posts, this blog has accumulated a lot of jettisoned media and broken … Continue reading

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bavacade repair log 11-12-2023

Well, I think the time has come where all 28 games here in the bavacade are working 100%. There are still some small things to do, but if everything goes as planned in the walk-through today I’ll have 28 games … Continue reading

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bavacade repair log 10-25-2023

Things are definitely coming along, this weekend I got the K4600 chassis for Challenger working, which is ostensibly my last big hurdle to perfection…but things might change before I rebuild Elevator Action. For example, the Stargate game started resetting again, … Continue reading

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bavacade Repair Log 10-04-2023

Last month was almost as busy on the bavacade front as it was on the hosting front. I’ve been using the arcade projects to balance my inclination to become totally consumed by the day-to-day at Reclaim, but then I become … Continue reading

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More Notes on ds106 Clean-Up

I think the worst of the ds106 hack is behind us, and thanks to Wordfence managing most of the heavy lifting it was not all that bad in the end. Now I’m just going through and pretty ruthlessly removing plugins … Continue reading

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ds106 Hacked and WordFence to the Rescue

If you have used WordPress for any length of time, chances are you’ve gotten hacked at least once or twice. That certainly has been my experience, and it never helps when you let old plugins and themes sit around for … Continue reading

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10 Years a Reclaimer

I have a longer post I want to write about Reclaim Hosting at what seems an inflection point for the company. I’ll use that to get a bit more indulgent about the where we’ve been, where we are, and where … Continue reading

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