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Atari 2600 on ds106tv: Video Pinball, Space Invaders, and Jungle Hunt

I’ve been playing around on for a couple of weeks now, and I wanted to be sure to archive some of those shenanigans on the bava. My earlier attempt to figure out Streamlabs OBS (before switching to OBS) featured … Continue reading

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Coleco Cartridges for Atari 2600

This is a 1983 (I think) promotional pamphlet that accompanied Coleco video games for the Atari 2600 console. Donkey Kong was just decent, but I loved Venture and the Smurf game: Rescue in Gargamel’s Castle. Never really cared for Zaxxon or Mouse … Continue reading

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Atari 2600 Joystick

Another awesome Daily Create today (thanks Mariana!), this one was imagined by Tom Woodward and has you picking a patent image and cleaning it up to make it look cool. I couldn’t find a patent image I was in love with, so … Continue reading

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The Invaders now available for Atari 2600

I have a new assignment I’ll post to the repository sometime later, but for now I’m going to give it a preliminary star count of 4 and a half because that’s how many I need right now 🙂 I’ll also … Continue reading

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Days 87-30: Atari 2600 Cartridges

Just when you thought it was safe to read the bava, I got fifty-seven more entries as an attempt to catch up on my 110 Toys to Xmas series, this post should serve three functions: 1) Catch me up, so … Continue reading

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Classic horror movies on the Atari 2600

I have been using emulation to give my twelve-year old neighbor the people’s history of classic video games and home consoles (much more on both the emulation and the history shortly). While preparing these rigorous classes, I came across a … Continue reading

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Reclaim Arcade’s Game of Maintenance

This is yet another post reflecting about the opening of the awesomeness that is Reclaim Arcade, I previously captured some general reflections, Reclaim Video, and the living room, and this one will focus on the meat and potatoes of the … Continue reading

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Reclaim Arcade’s 80s Living Room

I’m on a bit of a roll capturing some reflections of a recent trip back to the US to open Reclaim Arcade. You can read more about getting the Arcade open in this post or, if outdated media formats is … Continue reading

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Behind Every Retro Arcade is a Preservation Community

I know I told Tim I’m done buying games for Reclaim Arcade after securing Zaxxon yesterday, but I don’t want to jinx myself given I just saw a mint Gorf machine up in Pennsylvania on the KLOV forums for $900. … Continue reading

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A Belated Happy Birthday to the bava

Here’s to 15 years on the bava, and all the irreparable damage it has caused me. Well, actually, I am a couple of weeks late. My blog anniversary is December 13th, but this December has flown by and I have … Continue reading

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