A Predator’s View of Monticello

I started playing with Annie Belle‘s “Switch Up the Mood” assignment on this image of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello I took this past Summer which, unfortunately, is rather predictable and unremarkable unlike the house.

Image of Monticello

So I wanted to play with some settings to change the mood, I adjusted the hue, saturation, contrast, etc. in GIMP, but it all seemed rather lckluster to me. The sky was too consistently blue, making the effect hard to pull off. I then started messing with some filters and came across the Predator filter (under Filters > Artistic > Predator) and I got this pretty awesome view of what Monticello would look like to a Predator. I love movie geeks who program.

Image of Monticello as seen by a Predator

So, while I copped out a little on truly playing with the mood through hue, saturation, contrast, etc., I did discover a way to actually make this photo remotely intriguing.

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