A Quick Tour of Owncast

I spent some of yesterday and this morning playing with an open source streaming software called Owncast. Mo Pezel told me about it last month, and when I saw Digital Ocean had a marketplace app I decided to try and run it on Reclaim Cloud. I installed the official Docker release of the Software and it worked brilliantly. it took all of 3 seconds, and the above video gives you a quick tour of the software, which is quite focused and elegant (the software, not the tour).

The issue I’m still working through is how to get the stream to load over https via reverse proxy given I cannot embed it in another page without that functionality. Turns out that is not proving easy. I documented my woes on the Reclaim Hosting community forums, and hopefully I get some help given I am already sold on this software.

A few highlights of Owncast:

  • You can integrate with external storage like S3, Spaces, or Minio
  • It’s self-hosted and you can hopefully control latency issues with resources
  • It works cleanly with OBS
  • It has built-in chat functionality*
  • It was easy to install on Reclaim Cloud, and if and when we can figure out the SSL issue, a one-click install may be possible
  • It could be an excellent candidate for cheap, pay as you use Reclaim Cloud hosting

A stream of one’s own!


*I had it turned off in the video without knowing as much, but that is a nice feature, even if you opt for Discord or something else.

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