Animated Magazine Cover Tutorial for Photoshop

Below is a 10 minute screencast outlining how to create an animated magazine cover using Photoshop. Thanks go to Ben Rimes for the inspiration as well as to Melanie for the perceived need. I’ll be doing another one for GIMP shortly, but the same general logic applies for both applications, it’s just easier in Photoshop. Keep in mind I don’t talk about how to create an animated GIF in this tutorial. I recommend creating your animated GIF first, and you can do that using Tom Woodward’s tutorial for Photoshop here or mine for GIMP here. Also, the following video is best watched in fullscreen to catch any and all detail.

Animated Magazine Cover Tutorial from Jim Groom on Vimeo.

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4 Responses to Animated Magazine Cover Tutorial for Photoshop

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  2. Chad Sansing says:

    Thanks muchly! I need help with this –


  3. Ben says:

    Nice tutorial! I totally slacked on Design Assignments this last week, but with these excellent screencasts going on, I might just make this the ds106 summer of tutorials.

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