At least it’s an ethos

I had an idea for a new ds106 animated GIF assignment titled “At least its an ethos.” It might be much better in my mind than in reality, but here it goes anyway. Take the line from The Big Lebowski “Say what you will about National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos” and change National Socialism to a different -ism, like, for example, Veganism. Here is the GIF for you to use as a template to change National Socialism to a different -ism. Now here’s the trick, after that you need a GIF to setup the punchline. So Walter Sobchack is referring to Nihilism in the scene we are quoting when defining National Socialism as an ethos, my idea for this (now convoluted) assignment came from Tom Woodward’s unsettling animated GIF of me eating Roy Rogers chicken back in 2009, which could only lead me to the following punchline:
jims_chx-1veganism big lebowski ethos

The veganism is an inside joke because my house is currently being visited by this -ism and things are very tough for me right now 😉

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6 Responses to At least it’s an ethos

  1. Tom says:

    Ha. Insanity. I am amused.

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  3. Ha! This one drew me in immediately.

    I think I wound up with something that works. If not, I think I got a couple decent GIFs out of the assignment, at the very least. Which is the goal anyway, right? An assignment is a just MacGuffin.

    Throw in 87 “Dude!” clips by Bill and Ted, and a gazillion “doh” clips by Homer, and I say it’s time well spent!

  4. Peter Naegele says:

    “My wife’s a vegetarian, which pretty much makes ME a vegetarian…but I DO enjoy a tasty burger!”

  5. Reverend says:

    Couldn’t have done it without you 🙂

    I wish!

    Yours is awesome, I am instantly jealous, and how cool for you to play along. Nothing more gratifying then when someone takes the time to experiment with an assignment you post. You rule, and you have been killing the animated GIFs as of late!

    Pulp Fiction #4life!

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