bavacade repair log 10-25-2023

Things are definitely coming along, this weekend I got the K4600 chassis for Challenger working, which is ostensibly my last big hurdle to perfection…but things might change before I rebuild Elevator Action.

For example, the Stargate game started resetting again, even with the new FPGA board, so I swapped in the extra Joust main PCB board, and it worked for a bit…then the game would go to white screen of death whenever I pressed the smart bomb button. I then got the idea to unplug the main board from both the ROM and Interface boards, and that seems to have fixed the issue, and the FPGA now works seamlessly.

Painted the front and right-side of Elevator Action, so the only thing left is some touch-up paint and a re-build today.

Alberto applied the new overlay to the Elevator Action control panel, and that just came back yesterday, so I should have Elevator Action rebuilt today—and maybe even a perfect arcade?

Some additional tedium: K4600 in Challenger originally meant for Venture, but when it failed had to use Challenger K4600 to get Venture working. In terms of the fix, I really just disassembled and re-assembled the chassis. The anode suction cup seems to come off given the metal piece holding it in is not tight enough, worth looking at and maybe swapping

To test Stargate I took the main Joust board backup and swapped it with the main Stargate board, it worked, but when main board was still connected to ROM and interface boards we still got issues, I unplugged main board from PCB board, and the restart has not come back, and I think the issue is between the ROM board and main board, and given I don’t need the ROM board will keep this connector unplugged.

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  1. Jim Groom says:

    One addition here is that I fixed the varistor on the original Joust power supply which I blew when mistakenly plugging that 110V game into a 220V step-up transformer. Oh no! That small piece, the varistor, blows and cuts the circuit when you do this, preventing frying too much of your innards, this saved my ass, so made sure a new one was soldered back on early last week.

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