Bringing the Bava back to Cloudflare

I was experiencing some weirdness with the editor of my blog this weekend. In particular, the link option was gone from the classic editor and I was unable to access the media library. Two pretty large obstacles to writing a post on this blog. I pretty quickly figured out the Edgeport plugin was causing an issue with the wp-link element in the classic editor, so deactivating Edgeport fixed that, but the media library was still not showing up no matter what plugins I deactivated.

I was at a loss, but given the Edgeport plugin was causing those issues, I began wondering if there was some wonkiness with Edgeport more generally, so I decided to quickly switch my blog back to Cloudflare for load balancing and the CDN. Luckily I still had the load balancing settings for the multi-region saved, so the process was pretty simple. Interestingly enough, we’ve been having some similar wonkiness on, so I’m going to switch that back from Edgeport to Cloudflare for the time being and see if that takes care of some of the issues we’ve been having with editing, particularly in Elementor—which is a beast all by itself, and I rue the day we ever got in bed with that plugin.

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