Changing Expectations

The British Invasion is taking EDUPUNK by storm thanks to Tony Hirst (someone who in so many ways embodies the DIY ethic).

Click on the image above for this awesome video or follow this link.

What do you think –do we have our anthem?!

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4 Responses to Changing Expectations

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  2. Brad says:

    On the topic of this EDUpunk craze that’s been festering:
    I’m not sure if things that I’ve done in the past can be explained by this relatively new-fangled idea, but here’s a little story for you:
    Back in the day (“the day” here being when I was a senior in high school), I was introduced to the art of circuit-bending electronics by Math Horne, my old bandmate. The concept was to take used toy instruments purchased from places like thrift stores & Goodwill & take them apart in order to tear open their insides & re-wire. Sometimes it worked better than others, & often it would take hours to get a nice harsh noise working. After one particular toy guitar had been re-invented so that it emitted completely manipulatable feedback-type noises (the manipulation came from dials that were soddered onto the wires themselves), Math spent an evening re-inventing its use. What he did was use the “Talk” feature on Instant Messenger to communicate with “Trippy” Tim Whelden, a friend of ours who at the time was living in Thailand. Instead of using a microphone, though, Math plugged in the circuit-bent toy & let loose white noise over thousands of miles of internet wireless-ness. Here’s a recording that they spat out; it is completely live transmissions between Thailand & Fredericksburg, VA recorded over the internet. Tim is shouting & hooting, while Math plays squeals & other noises on the guitar. The echo-effect & reverberation comes from the fact that…well…the fact that the connection spans thousands of miles.

    if all of that isn’t EDUpunk, then I may be confused about the term!
    Either way, it’s a very interesting concept, I think, the overt & purposeful manipulation of all these different consumer electronics just to make a quick, joyous noise track!

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