Hey Downes and Cogdog, I invented neighborhood screencast google streetview blogging damn it! You two will never be the bava. NEVER!!! There is a new god of instructional technology, and I am he!!!!! Give credit where credit is due, I did this years ago!!!!

As discussed in class last night, by Tuesday, March 30th you will be creating a Digital Story using Google Street View and Jing, or any other screencasting tool you want and have access to. Follow the previous links to either tool for a run down on how they work and any questions you have about them please bring to class on Thursday, March 25th.

For some examples you can see my own neighborhood screencast here about where I grew up in Long Island.

Or Luke Waltzer’s example, upon which mine is based, that narrates a look at his hometown outside of Detroit, Michigan. Great stuff!!!

The assignment is relatively straightforward, use Jing to take a screencast of a street view on Google Maps of a story that happened at a particular place. Be sure to navigate around the place, this should not be a static map view—so find a story with some movement and dynamism.This can be your neighborhood, a trip to a major city, a vacation abroad, at UMW, etc. Keep in mind that if you are concerned about privacy about where you live you may not want to choose a story that focuses on your neighborhood or hometown.

This story will be posted to your blog prior to class on Tuesday, and we will look at the results then. keep in mind you will have to get access to a computer with a microphone before Tuesday if you do not have one now—I can help with this if you need it. Additionally, I will not impose a time limit on the project—although if it is 30 seconds long we will have issues—but keep in mind your screencasts through Jing can be longer than 5 minutes. So if you need to do a story longer than that you can make more than one video, or let me know and I can hook you up with a computer that has Camtasia installed.

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20 Responses to Cr3d1t

  1. Martha says:

    Actually, upon closer reading it’s clear that Luke Waltzer actually invented neighborhood screencast google streetview blogging.

    At least you gave him some link love.

  2. Reverend says:

    Hey Martha,

    I invented you too! I’ll google street view screencast blog you if you are not more careful with your shoddy detective work.

  3. Martha says:

    ha! You can’t! Street view hasn’t made it out here to the boondocks.

    And nobody invented me, buddy. I sprang forth from the primordial ooze.

  4. Matt says:

    All hail LUKE WALTZER, King of the Streets!

    (and kudos to that bava fellow, who had a nice follow-up post on the same subject)

  5. As usual, Reverend, you’re about 5 years behind me.

  6. Reverend says:

    Where is your video tough guy? Oh yeah, I forgot, you didn’t do one, which means I own, pown, and loan you. You are my beatch!

  7. Alan Levine says:

    I feel sorry for all the farmers and people in Virginia who crave the sun, because surely Jim Groom’s Alaska sized ego inflated head is blocking the sun.

    (*) I never made claims to be the first, nor made claims to do screencasts. It is smelly cow dung to take a potshot claims at others who never made such claims. That’s down a bug chute for the Bava.

    (*) Both D’Arcy and I did a *similar* exercise in an era where the tools you had THREE years later where not available- Google Maps did not have the Streetview data that you spoiled brats had in 2008. WTF good would a screen cast over a map view mean?

    On the other hand, I am glad your students are doing this- its a great exercise. I pity them for what they must have to deal with on a regular basis- the Jupiter sized BavaEgoMobile in person. Blecchhhh.

    No one, not even a stinky little baby blogger bava baby can bark like the COGDOG.

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  9. The first words in your video are, “So inspired by Luke Walters screencast using maps and StreetView….”

    So, contrary to what you claim in the first sentence of this post, you didn’t invent it.

  10. Reverend says:

    @cogdog and @downes,

    Are you guys clear that I am having fun here? I hope so because you know the bava loves you both, it is Norman I have it in for. And, btw, Luke Waltzer is my nomme de plume 🙂

  11. Luke says:

    Jim, if you don’t ease up, I’m a have to handle you like we used to handle all the punkasses growing up on the West Side: by busting on their moms until they cried.

    I think it’s worth noting that what originally fueled this exercise was an exploration of the potential of nostalgia to spur an investigation into one’s own past. As I note in my version of the experiment, Street View has great possibilities across a range of disciplines and assignments, and this is only one use. But it’s a powerful one.

    Perhaps there’s a generational component: this use allows those of us who are pining for our simpler childhoods to revisit and reflect upon them in shockingly vivid ways. I’m curious what your students will think about all this, if they’ll invest their movies with the same kind of emotion that I think we did ours, or if they’ll even think the fact that we can now do this is at all noteworthy.

  12. Mikhail says:

    Luke Waltzer is the true Dr. Detroit.


    And the assignment is brilliant. Looking forward to the responses.

  13. > Are you guys clear that I am having fun here?

    Of course!

  14. Reverend says:

    Very good, I was scared there for a second that you and Cogdog would connect wonder powers and banish me to a far away planet.

  15. Alan Levine says:

    Now that’s a good idea.

    Stephen, let’s aim for a cold planet in another galaxy. That might be enough distance to keep the world safe from Bavalution.

  16. There isn’t a planet cold enough or a galaxy far enough…

  17. Reverend says:

    I knew this would happen if I baited you two

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