Demystifying AI

As Paul Bond and I try to get the bones of AI106 together for the coming semester-long ds106 course focused on AI, I’m appreciating the amazing work the good folks at Middlebury College have done to frame an engaging, hands-on introduction to Artificial Intelligence. Their Digital Detox course focused on Demystifying AI is really off to a quite impressive start. Paul and I will be borrowing heavily from their work and looping it in to the weekly roundup of resources given how well they balance explanation with focused action. I love the idea of creating a space for the broader Middlebury community (and beyond) to explore the emergent phenomenon of AI. What’s more, the site looks so beautiful!

Screenshot of Middlebury College's Demystifying AI site

Screenshot of Middlebury College’s Demystifying AI site

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3 Responses to Demystifying AI

  1. I really appreciate the “Nope” options too. They’ve really considered and designed intentionally to include people who don’t want to be complicit in training AI or selling their souls, I mean data. It’s that level of thoughtfulness that really sets them apart.

  2. Alan Levine says:

    I so agree with Anne-Marie, there is a fresh design and approach to creating tasks rather than just asking people to plunk prompts in a box.

    And its like a modern version of the DS106 Assignment Bank!

    One frustration from Canada- both Claude and Bard are off limits from here. WTF?

  3. Reverend says:

    I agree, the “Nope!” option is really nice, and I think that is something Paul and I are going to have to design into ds106 this semester so that the learning by doing is not limited to simply prompting, but also to commenting and reflecting on the whole process, which their work does really well.

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