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I’m excited to announce that the schedule for Domains 17 is now up and online. It is going to be a pretty awesome two days, and fresh off-the-press is the abstract for Martha Burtis’s keynote “Neither Locked Out Nor Locked In: Finding a Path Through Domain of One’s Own”:

Four years into Domain of One’s Own, I wonder if we are at an inflection point, and, if so, what we will do to respond to this moment. At its onset, Domains offered us paths into the Web that seemed to creatively and adequately address a perception that we weren’t fully inhabiting that space. Our students could carve out digital homes for themselves that were free of the walled gardens of the LMS. Our faculty could begin to think of the Web not as a platform for delivering content but as an ecosystem within which their teaching could live and breathe. In doing so, perhaps we would also engage our communities in deeper conversations about what the Web was and how we could become creators rather than merely consumers of that space. But in those four years, as in any four years, our popular culture, our technical affordances, and our political landscape has continued to march forward. How does Domain of One’s Own grow into and with these changes? Where do we take this project from here so that we continue to push the boundaries or our digital experiences? How do we address the ever-looming tension between building something sustainable while also nurturing new growth?

From there we have a wide variety sessions broken into three tracks: Pedagogy, Domain of One’s Own, and Tools. The categories blur for sure, but they helped us pretend there is some kind of cosmic lattice of coincidence. Sean Michael Morris, Tim Klapdor, and Keegan Long-Wheeler are providing three different lenses on the role of the learning management system on day one. Lora Taub will be framing the Domains project at Muhlenberg as spaces for “transformational resistance.” Brian Lamb, Grant Potter, and Tom Woodward will be running an API audio party, while a cadre of presenters from Michigan State University will be talking about how their digital presence and public scholarship initiative. And did I mention Jon Udell will be joining us too?  And that’s just day one!

Day two will feature Jonathan Poritz and Jonathan Rees talking about integrating simple security practices into your pedagogy, the folks from the University of Oklahoma will be expounding on the non-algorithmic art of community building, while Kate Farley will be running a workshop of the intersection of digital identity and portfolios based on the work she has been doing at University of Wisconsin, Greenbay.

You need more?  We got it. Alan Levine talking syndication engines of freedom ds106-style; Jim Luke framing lessons learned getting up and running with Domains; Lee Skallerup‘s remixing domains as curriculum; and a Family Feud-style showdown of RSS versus APIs featuring a hit parade of ed-tech greats (the Family Feud theme was specifically for Mike Caulfield 🙂 ). And there is more, just head over to the sessions schedule and see for yourself.

I want to say thank you to all the folks who submitted sessions, whether they be presentations, workshops, or domains fair fare—we haven’t even highlighted the Domains fair just yet, but that is fodder for another post. We could not do this without the amazing folks in our community who were ready and willing to share their work when called. And as you can see, the response far exceeded our wildest expectations. The most practical reason I’m so thrilled to be organizing Domains 17 is that I wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.

Finally, I want to note that in additional to the 25 sessions over two days, we made a point of building in a significant amount of time for folks to talk informally with one another about the work they’re doing through various art tours, 80s arcades, dinners, jam sessions, and dance parties. So if you think it will be all work and no play, let me assure you Jack is not a dull boy!

 In short, Domains 17 is on like Donkey Kong. And it’s time for folks to start registering so we can actually afford this thing! 

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