ds106 Crusader

Here is my first pass at mashing up Saxon’s Crusader album cover for ds106. Next semester I will have to spend a lot more time getting better at Photoshop/GIMP because it is all too evident I still suck. Anyway, join the ds106 crusade to rid the land of boring ass classes 🙂

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6 Responses to ds106 Crusader

  1. I think you’ve sufficiently hacked off all the limbs of bad class habits that want to reach out and corral ds106 back into the safety of “normal” teaching and learning.

    Keep waving the Jolly Roger, teaching out in the open to the death!

    And the ds106 from Saxon is some pretty mean digital imaging skills.

  2. Reverend says:


    I need to sit down with you and NoiseProfessor for a half hour or so and get my Photoshop/GIMP skills up to snuff. I am not happy with this at all. Though the album cover is the perfect marriage for ds106. But when I look at your Kiss album cover I know I am an amateur.

  3. Anytime, anyplace. Trade better vodka for photoshop lessons.

  4. And I’ve been thinking about the spring semester and plan to do a little more tech tutorials in the face to face portion. I’ve no excuse being in a lab with Macs and Adobe software. The students in this semester kept asking me to show them anyway.

    So I’ll do my best to put up a number of the lessons as screen casts.

  5. Reverend says:

    I will take you up on that Vodka, cause the Vodka you had in your house really, really sucked. What’s more, before I become a little bitch this semester I was planning on doing a number of tutorials for each of the assignments, but the semester has quickly gotten away from me given we are now at the end of regular classes. That said, I have two weeks over Xmas break and I am gonna try and commit to do one tutorial for a ds106 assignment a day for two weeks. Should be fun, what’s more it might be a good time for me and you to hook up on Photoshop kungfu. You rock, Michael, but your Vodka does not.

  6. I’ll take you up on the one tutorial a day for two weeks challenge. Maybe we can coordinate a few? I can do a few that describe my favorite tools and tricks.

    And they’re only so much a man can take talking down about his family’s alcohol.

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