ds106 is back and it’s a journey to the center of the internet!!!

Michael Branson Smith has an awesome vision for what ds106 is going to be this semester. What’s more all of DTLT is playing along with his classes up at CUNY’s York College and you can too. If you are interested in taking this creative journey to the center of the internet check out the following video and sign-up on the google form below.

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  1. Prof. Oliver Lindenbrook says:

    Dear Sir Bava,

    It’s such a pleasure to know that the ds106 community has received me with such open arms this semester. I hope to lead your wonderful community on a tremendous journey. My colleague, Michael Branson Smith has been most accommodating as we make preparations.

    I don’t wish to bother so much as we get started, but please would you mention to that MBS chap I’m still wishing he might consider a different denomination other than “nottrivial.” What is that nonsense about anyway?

    Lovely start next week!


    Prof. Oliver

    • Reverend says:

      Prof. Lindenbrook,

      I couldn’t agree with you more about the “nottrivial” moniker, talk about taking yourself to seriously, jesus. Glad you are leading this expedition, and I am packing my internet gear this weekend in preparation. I have always wanted to travel to the center of the internet, and I figure no better time than now before Apple turns it into an app. Consider me locked in.

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  4. Just checking to see if I completed everything correctly

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  6. yaisuri says:

    I wanna share my blog: http://blog.yaisurisalamanca.com/
    Thanks! =)

  7. Cheryl Colan says:

    Not sure if I needed to sign my blog up again but I filled out the form anyway. Bring it on, I’m back!

  8. Jim says:


    You are in, blog away—awesome to have you back in the fray.

  9. Lincie says:

    hi, just want to make sure this is working.

  10. Hello everyone, I’m glad to be a part of this class and this wonderful community.

  11. Finally, I am sending my assignment #1.

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  13. I’very posted my first assignment but I haven’t seen it DS106. What should I do ?

  14. Shakira says:

    Just signed up my blog to the site. Don’t think its working though b/c I don’t see my posts coming up on the main site =/

  15. My school changed up blog sites, so I am registering my new URL for finishing up Fall/Winter 2012. I hope this covers it!

  16. Sandy the new site is in the feed. Look forward to seeing more work!

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