ds106zone Week 5: My Only Friend the End

Well, as you might have guessed from the last week ds106zone comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. The course officially ends this Friday so we’ll be having a somewhat abbreviated week in terms of both time and work.

I will be sharing more extensive resources on mashup shortly. But to get you started, you’ll be doing the following in terms of assignments:

  • Two DailyCreates
  • 10 stars of Video Assignments
  • 5 stars of Mashups Assignments
  • 5 stars using the ds106 Remix machine

As usual, I want you all to be commenting on each others work. What’s more, keep in mind you all need to have submitted at least two assignment and done two tutorials, please include a link to the assignments and tutorials you’ve created in this week’s write-up.

Also, for your final exam you’ll need to have completed two assignments:

  1. An audio self-reflection about your experience in ds106 this Summer. You can find the link to the assignment hereAnd if you feel this assignment forces you to be positive, try Sean Piachetti’s parody of this assignment here.
  2. Additionally, you need to add at least three examples of work that has inspired you this semester to the ds106 inspire site here: http://inspire.ds106.us/ Explain briefly why it has inspired you and include a screenshot.

Finally, I want everything you’ve done included in this week’s summary, along with final thoughts about the class. I will be sending each of you detailed emails about your work and final grades by early next week.

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