Educational aPOPcalypse: The Video

Well, TEDxNYED has uploaded the video of my short 11 minute talk back in April. I already blogged about the presentation here, and this video is interesting because it edits out my flailing the first two or three minutes when the slides wouldn’t work. This version actually plays pretty smoothly, despite the fact I say “I’m fascinated by…” way too much. However, I think the coolest thing about this presentation wasn’t exactly my message or the ideas (there was something there but it was lost in the frenzy), but rather using the occasion of a technical glitch to bring the audience into the presentation. Making the experience very much in the moment, which in turn created an opportunity for connection with the audience. The TEDxNYED folks agreed to send me the original, uncut version, and I’ll blog that when I get it by means of comparison. I still hope to do this animated GIF presentation again, maybe I will resurrect a version of it at Keene State University in late June as an homage to Mike Caulfield who was the inspiration for many of the ideas in the talk I flubbed.

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3 Responses to Educational aPOPcalypse: The Video

  1. Newman5 says:

    I want the bus to come to my town!!!
    Once again, inspiring as always – without the shock factor or putting me in crisis mode.

    Well done, Reverend Groom!

  2. Mikhail says:

    They turned you up and the audience down. Can’t hear the wildly raucous applause.

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