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I had some downtime while traveling today, so I did my Prisoner106 homework and went on a watching spree. I got through the first five episodes, and I am totally locked in. I might finish the whole season my week’s end, and revisit it a few times for some close readings. In the interim the above GIF from the “Free for All” episode featuring the No. 58. This shot was almost too perfect not to GIF. It’s as if I had masked her silhouette to isolate the moving background for this GIF, but I didn’t. That’s the way it was shot. Which makes me wonder if they had to do something similar themselves to get that background to show up cleanly behind her.

I also think the moment when No. 58 gives No. 6 a slap in this episode makes a nice reaction GIF:


Another moment I knew I wanted to try and capture was No. 2 banging his gavel during the mock debate. gavel

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8 Responses to Free for All GIFs

  1. You are getting pretty good at these GIFs, you have a lot of potential, Number Groom.

    Seriously, the loops are really seamless!

  2. mariana Funes says:

    ‘Gifs begin where words leave off’ Be seeing you!

  3. Sheila Stagner says:

    Lovely “prisoner106” gifs! Now seeing gifs in a whole new light; seeing them as self-contained stories, stories within themselves. Never saw them that way until now. Interesting. Like how a certain camera shot captures a particular & unique angle/mood/essence of a subject, a certain gif draws out the intensity/emotive quality of a captured moment. My face quivers a bit everytime I watch No. 58 about to give No. 6 a slap (ouch!), and I imagine what might be going on in each of their minds before the actual hit. And No. 2 banging his gavel: I wonder what other pent up anger issues he has going on besides the series script. Such great stuff!

    • Reverend says:


      There are much better GIFs than these, but I can;t say this comment didn’t make my night. I just love thinking about and making GIFs because it forces me to think about what the director/producer/cinematographer/actor might have been thinking. There is a kind of communion with a moment of TV, film, etc. It’s truly a unique way to look at the medium, we can slow it down and repeat it like never before.

  4. iamTalkyTina says:

    Well, these are nice GIFs that you made, UNCLE Number Groom. It is good when a GIF does not do a big jump all the time. Plus the man with the hammer is a good one. With him just pounding away on it. Keep on making a GIF of the show.

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