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So, it’s officially scheduled, next Friday, December 10th, Chahira and I will be running Friday Night Karaoke at 8 PM UTC for the Unconference. You can find the following description on the unconference programme site as well:

Join Chahira Nouira and Jim Groom for a Friday Night Karaoke session as a welcome respite from all the serious open educational technology. I mean you can only take so much textbook liberation, amirite? Use this time as a welcome respite to sing your favorite Eagles song for all the open web to hear.

More seriously, just show up, prepare to laugh and have some fun via chat in the soon to be announced Karaoke room (, and, ideally, muster up the courage to join in the fun and sing your favorite tune.

It is worth noting that the open source streaming software driving this session, Owncast, will be run through Reclaim Cloud which is this session’s subtle nod to the power of open infrastructure to re-imagine how we work and play online.

In fact, most of this presentation is arguably in the setup leading up to the singing. This is not our first karaoke rodeo, we’ve done this before on Zoom and streamed to But this time is a bit different in that we have spun up a dedicated app, Owncast, on Reclaim Cloud to stream the session to in order to enable viewing and chatting outside of Zoom. For all intents and purposes Zoom will only be for folks who want to sing whereras the karaoke stream and chat will be a social event for folks to have fun around the proceedings. What’s more. we’re working with the good folks at to point the subdomain to this environment on the cloud so that there is a sense of branding/cohesion to the experience as a way to demonstrate the power of quickly spinning up and down a an open source streaming app with a built-in chat tool. The medium is the massage, and I can’t think of a more compelling way to highlight the power of Reclaim Cloud than to lead with a concrete demonstration of what’s possible while at the same time keeping it loose and fun. So, it turns out this session is kinda about open infrastructure and Reclaim Cloud after all, we’re just delivering it slant.

Playing around a bit more I was able to add a basic info slide to the streaming site

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