Get a real job, hippies!

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Tired of singing the same old song about teaching, learning, and technology to an apathetic audience?  Want to liberate yourself from those degrading improv gigs in the campus commons to anyone who will listen?  I bet you are, and I know you do. So why aren’t you applying for Director of the UMW Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning position? I mean, come on, Mary Washington provides a unique experience for anyone who is deeply passionate about teaching and learning, especially if you think these practices in relationship to emerging technologies. We don’t only have an absolutely amazing faculty committed to exploring and experimenting with their pedagogy out in the open, but we also have a crack crew of instructional technology folks (if I must say so myself) which is just an added bonus.

So, this is my shameless plea to anyone out there (or anyone out there who knows someone else out there) who might be interested in getting on board with a bunch of punks who won’t deign to beg for beer money, but rather just go out there and snatch it. Real innovation, real fast, and a faculty to back you up, that’s what we got—and we are serious about what we do. So, think about it, but make it quick because applications are being accepted until 5:00 p.m., January 30, 2009.

In the event you’re finally ready to give up your hippie ways, you can find more details about the position here.

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12 Responses to Get a real job, hippies!

  1. Is that a six string electro-acoustic tenor ukulele that guy on the right is playing? Looks like it to me – with an e minor chord there. Is there an audition for the job?

  2. Brian says:

    That photo is priceless. As would be the chance to work with the UMW crew, the undisputed pound-for-pound champs of ed tech glory.

  3. colleen says:

    BEST job posting I have ever read. Would love to consider just cuz you make it sound like the right impulse to follow, but not in the cards. Plus, too embarrassing that I can’t parse what Randy wrote and I hum off-key.

  4. Scott Leslie says:

    And here I was, thinking – wow, that sounds like a cool job to apply for, when I realize…I AM WEARING THE SAME PAIR OF PANTS AS THE GUY IN THE MIDDLE. I kid you not. My kids kept telling me tonight at the swimming pool “Dad, why did you forget to take off your PJs today.” Sigh, once a hippie, always a hippie.

  5. Reverend says:


    you know it is never to late to clean up, right? Part of this position is a three week vegan detox, along with a patchouli-filtering sauna. This could be your chance to break free.

  6. Ah, Jim, if only I were still in the biz…what an amazing job (I can’t believe I’m saying that about inside the walls, but I am). I’m singing off-key and loudly about this gig to all the hippies and punks I know.

  7. Brian says:

    Reading this comment thread, I am seized with a sense of panic, bordering on nausea…

    I received the same pare of PJ pants that Scott referred to (the ones middle hippie is wearing), and I LIKED THEM! I wish I could say I never left the house wearing them, but there was one day where I was in total holiday hibernatory mode, and I only had to go out for a minute…

    I really wish I had not checked back in on this comment thread. I’m going to be sick…

  8. Reverend says:


    You are a dirty hippie. Period.

  9. Scott Leslie says:

    @Brian – I also don’t usually leave the house in them, but in a similarly hibernatory mode I did do my groceries in them yesterday – let the world be grateful that the the Strait of Georgia (or, to be more politically correct, the Great Salish Sea) separates us two lest we be the result of some hippie armagedeon breaking out. Peace love and pickles, dude.

  10. So here’s an awkward separated at birth moment:

    From Keene State’s Website:

    Executive Director of the Center for Engagement, Learning and Teaching

    Keene State College invites applications for our newly established position, Executive Director for the Center for Engagement, Learning and Teaching (CELT). The primary goal of the Center is to strengthen the overall teaching and learning environment at KSC. The director will lead the campus in achieving this goal by delivering innovative programming for faculty and staff that is guided by our Academic Affairs Technology plan, our core curriculum Integrative Studies model and our commitment to the Liberal Arts.

    We are seeking an innovative, visionary leader with experience in undergraduate teaching, the demonstrated ability to develop collaborative partnerships and a record of maintaining a balanced focus on teaching and learning environments at the post-secondary level. The Executive Director will provide leadership for CELT and will partner with multiple offices to integrate curricular development and assessment as a means to support effective curricular transformation and delivery. The Executive Director will have administrative responsibility for coordinating CELT programs and initiatives with other offices and Centers to ensure a cohesive design for program delivery and services. She/he will be expected to demonstrate a commitment to undergraduate learning by teaching at least one course per year in the Integrative Studies Program or in a major offered by the Institution. He/she will be responsible for supervising related professional staff which currently includes members from Service Learning and Academic Technology. This position reports directly to the Provost.

    I wonder if we could pool apps?

  11. Jim, my experience visiting the Art Department last year, meeting you, and following the blogging developments at UMW makes this opening very enticing to me.
    I only came across this entry recently while going through your Tweets so I have lots of stuff to get together on short notice. I’ll be trying to get in touch with you shortly… Justin

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