Goodspell: Gospel Radio for the #ds106 Generation

Credit "Ask not what you can do for #ds106 ..." by Alan Levine

Credit “Ask not what you can do for …” poster by Alan Levine

This past Sunday I was honored to be a guest on the very last episode of Mariana Funes and John Johnston‘s podcast the ds106 Goodspell. They have been talking in detail about 106 bullet points of ds106 that Mariana posted back in December 2013, and they have finally come to the final bullet point, 107, which was actually a comment I left on that post 3 years ago, back when I commented and made sense 🙂

Therein lies point 107 for your list: letting go. ds106 means letting it all happen with whomever wants to make it their own for whatever reason. For it to be truly great, it must contain multitudes and serve the one-off assignment, the community, as well as the random search on Google equally. ds106 is the web, just with fewer trolls 🙂

Always bizarre to re-read something you don’t remember thinking/writing, especially when you like it. Our far-ranging discussion talks about everything from the early days of ds106 to ds106 as community to ds106 as infrastructure to ds106 as socks, and then some. I love talking about ds106, and this hour and 20 minutes was no different. A special treat was talking to the other guest Ron “Daily Create extraordinaire” Leunissen, who, along with Sandy Brown Jensen, has done over 400 Daily Creates, which is truly impressive. I want to think John and Mariana for having me on their final show, but even more all they have done for the community at large. They are two brilliant stars in the communal constellation that was, is, and always will be ds106. #4life

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