In the park with a dog throwing a bone live on #ds106radio during a pandemic

Live broadcast from a park while walking my dog during a pandemic in Italy on #ds106radio

The title pretty much says it all, the few minor details I would add is that I could also record and add metadata to the stream from my phone while also mixing in music. Pretty amazing, really. In fact, I did this using the iPhone app iziCast which I was turned onto a year ago when the pandemic started to hit hard here in Italy and #ds106radio became a haven for many of us. I did a few live casts from the vineyard, but I never really played with any of the settings. But today I brought my AirPods (something I seldom do) and was listening to music, and then I thought I wonder if iziCast will let me stream what I am listening to. Turns out it does, but it just can’t be through Apple Music or Spotify but rather playlists and songs you have locally, and luckily I had quite a few.

So I tried broadcasting a mix of 80s song a friend put together for Anto’s birthday and it worked. What’s more, iziCast let me mix in my audio with the musci, which was slick. The one thing I needed to do in the settings is enable Bluetooth for the AirPods and change the CODEC from AAC to MP3, and it worked perfectly. The sample rate was 16000 and the bit rate 64. I was pretty impressed how easy it was.

Turns out I did have one listener in Chahira, the only one that matters! She =could hear me, and while the audio wasn’t perfect, I think the general experiment was a success. About 30 minutes in I am chasing Duke down to a stream where he was going to drink and I was afraid he lost the new Kong bone I bought him, it is a bit comical, and I dug the broadcast if only for that snippet of reality that only a impromptu, in the wild broadcast can.

It was a lot of fun, which can be more generalized to my experience of #ds106radio these days. Between the radio and dreams of the arcade, I am finding it easy to fill my days with fun ?

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