Inspired by Un-Cropped Signs

One of the nicest surprises of ds106 this Fall has been the Daily Creates. I am consistently blown away by the awesome work people are doing for these creative exercises. The community owes a huge amount of thanks to the impeccable work of Mariana Funes who has taken over the gardening of this branch of ds106 from Alan Levine—who kept it alive for the last two years.

Many of the daily creates have been just as inspiring—if not more so—than fullblown assignment posts, so I figured I would share a double-feature for the un-cropped sign prompt back on September 23rd.

I loved Jessica Reingold‘s “Falling” Rocks:

And Nicky Memita’s Popper Scooper or, “construction” will never be the same again.

Pooper Scooper

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4 Responses to Inspired by Un-Cropped Signs

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  2. Ien says:

    I remember this assignment, and being super impressed at the kinds of things I saw. I actually got discouraged from submitting one of my own because these were just too good. I love how they still manage to incorporate the classical sign style in the uncropped versions.

  3. Daily Creates are definitely one of my favorite parts about DS106. Definitely something to continue each semester.

  4. Mariana Funes says:

    That is kind, Jim. Thank you. I do love this gardening job, it has made my random browsing more purposeful. Always searching….for the next TDC 🙂

    Len, I make you a deal. I will submit one if you do. I did not do mine for the same reason. I started but gave up. Sometimes they are that good…or are we chicken?

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