It’s not everyday your students accuse you of cheating on your wife with a Russian hitman

I’ve been remiss on posting about all the amazing work coming out of noir106, and that is a great loss because there is so much of it. In fact, there is 4,574 posts from 70+ students in just over 10 weeks. How could any of us keep up with it all? The firehose is on full blast. That said, I watched Sasha Kellogg’s interview (the assignment was Maggie Black‘s brilliant brainchild) and I have to say it was totally inspired. Sasha Kellogg is a character drawn beautifully by Kimberly Roehl. So much so that she has literally taken over her blog 🙂  I haven’t seen anything like this in over the past 5 years. It seems to me like the introduction of characters in has proved an evolutionary jump in the digital storytelling akin to the black monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey.


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3 Responses to It’s not everyday your students accuse you of cheating on your wife with a Russian hitman

  1. I’M IN THAT PICTURE!!!!!!

    Hi UNCLE Jim! It was nice to see your post about your wife! But you didn’t mention ANYTHING about ME? Whyhowcomenot?

    I wrote about Tina’s 2001 Odyssey during #wire106 when they made a face-in-the-hole one of me and it reminded me of that!

    Well, bye UNCLE Jim!

    • Reverend says:

      But Tina, you are not in this specific GIF, right? YUNOGIVEMESPACE? There are many GIFs, but only one Tina, I would never mistake you for a pre-humanoid.


  2. WELL, did you not read my blog post about it? I made a link for you to click on before. Because then you will understand. PLUS, a follow-up post about the 2001 bone flying.

    So read up, bubs!

    Plus, the #2 post has a Dancing UNCLE Jim GIF in it!

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