Japan is in the #ds106 house

The great Scott Lockman has brought his Cyberspace and Society course being taught at the Temple University, Japan into the ds106 house—and these cats are leaving no prisoners!!! I mean eating up the course like it was candy….well, it kinda is candy and that is what I like about it. What’s more, it’s my theory that candy and gravitas are not nearly as distinct as we might think, take MOME’s brilliant response to Tim Owen’s “We are All Artists” as an example of this:

So let’s get back to the subject of ds106, because what’s really interesting about this is that it’s about trying to put all these ideas into one neat little package. It’s taking the idea of media appropriation, of user-created content and trying to shoehorn that into a classroom setting. So how’s it going? Someone mentioned the following reaction to ds106: Surprise?anger?acceptance?”art”, and if you take a look at that what it tells you is that people are uncomfortable, but that discomfort is what could possibly lead you on to the next breakthrough. Why? Because you can; you can choose to slam the Star Wars Kid’s gyrating motions, or turn it into the next trend (it’s called the “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” buttons), or you might be the one putting something out there for the world to evaluate, like we all do on ds106. Or facebook. Or Twitter. Or…

Make some art, damnit! And MOME distills the ideas surrounding ds106 and why it might work so brilliantly. Thank you!

What’s more, I am loving the work by the folks in Tokyo. You can see all their posts here—it’s brilliant stuff and below are a few highlights for me.

I Can Read Movies

I Can Read 'Letters of Iwo Jima" by Swadloon

Triple Troll Quotes

MOME's "On Trolling Superheroes"

and again with MOME and the Triple Troll Quotes (he has been a force of nature!!!)

MOME's Triple Troll Quote "On recasting Vaders"

Make your own ringtone
I love this one by Shinichiro because it is so trippy.
Annoying ringtone by Shinichiro


I love this design assignment coupled with the artists statement:

Did you notice it?
AND, can you understand it?

If not, BEWARE!!
Coz I NEVER am a female despite of my body born in a female form!
(I actually am a neutral-gender dude, though…)

…WELL, I’m not gonna tell you descriptions of what the words mean, coz

NEVER believe the person’s physical gender in respect of perceptions for gender-image.
Just see how the person behaves like, and what the person dresses like.

The physical gender worth for NOTHING but medical scenes and making love with somebody.

Haiku it up

Tak’s haiku based on the following image made me laugh to no end.

You are so lazy cat
When I’m working really hard at school
You are sleeping at home

And thoe are just a few examples of some assignments that came across the ds106 site recently, there are manay, many more. Lock in and give these awesome internauts some feedback.

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3 Responses to Japan is in the #ds106 house

  1. Otto Paertz says:

    Yes, the students are doing exceptional work. I do believe that you Jim Groom and Michael Branson Smith deserve credit and should be commended for opening up the “candy” shop.

    As for Prof. Lockman, I’d say the students are bringing ‘A’ game not because of him but in spite of him. But I’ll give him credit for his chutzpah.

  2. mome says:

    Oh wow….yet another mention :PPP

    I would say that I am also surprised and impressed by what the others in the class are doing. Particularly their involvement in assignments outside of the “popular” Visual and Design categories. Seeing all the various ways to upload videos, audio etc. was a nice surprise and a learning experience for sure

  3. Giulia says:

    #ds106 IS CANDY. Delicious, sweet, sweet candy. At a faculty workshop on Friday, it was so impressive to pull up the DS106 website (yes, no matter what the topic of a faculty workshop, I somehow bring it back to DS106); there were submissions from NYC CUNY, Tokyo, UK, Australia.
    This class of Lockman’s has really blown me away. I just love the work coming in from Tokyo. I love the reflection, the tutorials and of course- the assignment submissions. So very awesome!

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