Oblivion University!

I could say more, but who has the time—not to mention, who would listen?

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9 Responses to Oblivion University!

  1. Is Dr. Oblivion friends with AI Levine?

  2. Paul says:

    “I’ve been through it all myself you see. Your reality is already half AI hallucination. If you’re not careful, it will become total hallucination. You’ll have to learn to live in a very strange new world…”

  3. Eric Likness says:

    You’ve gone about as far as you can with the old A.I. Long live the new A.I. This would be more chilling if it was in the voice of Nicky. :^)

  4. Michael Smith says:

    We shall hopefully be receiving regular updates from Dr. Oblivion as students work through that monstrous course ds 106 next semester. I for one believe his insights are exactly what’s need in this time of technological unknowns.

    Please Dr. Oblivion save us from ourselves, and Jim Groom in particular!

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  7. Mark Corbett Wilson says:

    I’m looking forward to Oblivion U!
    I’ve been talking with the machines and recently gave a short AI presentation for StoryCenter.org. (less than 30 min before digital storymapping process demo and discussion)

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