occupy trans*phobia

What I like most about the occupy idea is that it has become a means of brining a wide range of disparate causes together under a common vision. So much of the #occupy movement is focused on class, which in many ways is a struggle I have always personally associated myself with, but the ways in which the apparatus of the state works against gays and transgender folks may very well be the most actively violent while at the same widely tolerated, if not championed, by most.

So, when I saw the great Charles Girard had decided to occupy the #occupy movement as a way to continue his fervid mission to raise awareness about issues the trans* community face every day I couldn’t help but get behind it. Charles is not only a model student, amazing designer (thanks to ds106 🙂 ), and an intensely awesome individual—he may very well be the best UMW has to offer. He has a cause, it is just, and he doggedly pursues the road to equality. What’s more, the site and shirts Chales and Jack Pando have designed are quite attractive.


But what really caught my attention was where the profits go:

The money collected from the shirt sales goes to the purchase and production of the shirts from a local family owned and operated screen-printing company as well as to saving funds towards hormones, surgeries and other trans* related expenses of the founders. Few insurance companies cover trans* expenses, and some do not cover trans* people at all. An insurance company recently denied Charles coverage, labeling Gender Identity Disorder as a “preexisting condition.” The #occupytrans*phobia movement aims to bring attention and change to these types of practices.

The transgender community is being marginalized and segregated though the bureaucratic channels of insurance companies and two-bit politicians that are attempting to legislate their bodies. The are literally being bled by the power structure, and it is out in the open for anyone and everyone to see. Occupy trans*phoba!

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