Old, New Radio Friends

On Friday Tim, Lauren, Adam, and I interviewed Jon Udell in anticipation of his presentation at Domains 17. He never disappoints, and that discussion should be up and available tomorrow for anyone interested (I’ll be sure to blog and link). A lucky 13 listeners around the globe even got the chance to tune in live on ds106rad.io.

That’s right, the bava got back on the bike. It took a while and I was rusty as a result. I failed getting on the radio for our chat with Martha the previous week, but I returned again to Cogdog’s handy dandy Ladiocast guide (which I like, though Nicecast may be the better option when I am ready to buy it yet again) and I was still not breaking through. I was stuck so I reached out for help on the Twitter.


Lo and behold, the voice of an angel provided a quick fix for me:


I had the format as Ogg Vorbis rather than AAC, once I made the switch I was up and running, and pulling in Skype cleanly. Special thanks to Scottlo for the save, I dig that cat. As for the broadcast, it was almost seamless, I had five of us pulling in through Skype, but when I tried to use Audio Hijack to capture the audio, it cut out the stream for a few minutes. Luckily Adam is the backup king, so the show is in tact. I need to test Audio Hijack again and then I have one solid setup—even cooler would be if the wizard Grant Potter is able to get all live broadcasts to automatically archive.


Beyond that, I do want to get a similar setup working in Nicecast (thanks for the push John) because I’d love to use ds106radio extensively for Domains 17. Radio is far more lightweight and versatile than video, and if we can get everything broadcast out and archived using our own infrastructure all the better. So, this is a timely and welcome return to the radio. I even played a few tunes and got to laugh a bit on air—which is a drug I have missed. 

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2 Responses to Old, New Radio Friends

  1. Alan Levine says:

    Futzing like it was 2012!

    No need for Audio Hijack (which probably mangles Soundflower). All of the mixed sound goes out as Sounflower 2ch, so you can open Audacity, and set the mic source to Sounflower 2ch and record there or as in my post I toss into Nicecast for broadcasting/archiving.

    I recall problems getting Nicecast to send audio back to Skype; in a way you can use Ladiocast solely as a mixer.

    I gotta fix the old post in the Ogg Vorbis snafu.

    • Reverend says:

      Good call on Audacity and recording. Gonna try that setup during my next broadcast. I had no luck wth Audio Hijack yesterday, so this is a welcome alternative. You rule.

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