Preparing for ReclaimPress

I’m pretty excited because one of the things I’ve been looking forward to for several months now, is testing and documenting ReclaimPress, which will be Reclaim Hosting’s latest product. In short, ReclaimPress offers performant, high-available WordPress hosting for when you outgrow shared hosting, and/or have a mission critical, enterprise-level instance that cannot be a fiat of the shared hosting fate. It is run on the same infrastructure as Reclaim Cloud, but for several reasons we are spinning it up in as a separate, stand-alone cluster.

This new cluster will start with 3 regions (US East, US West, and Canada) and just this morning we pointed DNS, so the service could be ready for testing and customizing as soon as early next. I’m planning on documenting what I learn here on the bava, with the idea that much of that can be repurposed (after heavy editing 🙂 ) as documentation once ReclaimPress is ready for primetime.

In anticipation of digging in, Taylor Jadin and I jumped on a stream and talked a bit about the service, why we are excited about it, and some of the features you can expect. We kept the stream to a managable 30 minutes, so if you are interested give it a spin!

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  1. JR Dingwall says:

    Pretty exciting news! But I’m also here to mention that record player in this post would be amazing t-shirt.

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