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As you can tell from my last post, I tend to use this blog as a testing ground for many other things. Such as the role of  avant garde when switching back and forth between services like Edgeport and Cloudflare. I was able to put both bavatuesdays and back on Cloudflare’s load balancing setup fairly easily this afternoon, but I did run into one issue when reverting back to Cloudflare that we ran into when bringing onto this multi-region, load-balanced setup in Cloudflare.

After switching DNS back to Cloudflare we got a SSL related Cipher Mismatch error, which according to Chris Blankenship (our sysadmin godhead) is caused by Cloudflare having SSL between the origins and the load balancer, but not between you and the load balancer. I got this error when moving back onto Cloudflare’s load balancer. It ultimately resolved in about 5 or 6 minutes, but if this is for a client you probably want to spend the $10 for the advanced certificate to avoid any downtime at all.  Luckily this was not our first rodeo so we knew it would resolve, but wanted to make a note here of this error given I will forget as soon as I click publish. So anyway, is back to a ,multi-region setup load balanced through Cloudflare, and now I want to see if we continue to have any editing issues as we have over the last couple of weeks.

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