Reclaim’s Fantastic Four

Yesterday was a special day, Reclaim Hosting grew to four full-time employees with the hiring of Meredith Fierro. Four is the perfect number for a super group, wouldn’t you agree? Needless to say, the costumes are on order. Meredith worked as an intern in Spring, a part-time employee over the Summer, and as of yesterday we made it official. Meredith will be focusing on support, and she is already bringing some of that Digital Knowledge Center magic to Reclaim. Our timing was perfect given this Fall has been quite busy, but I believe we’re handling it like, well, spandex-clad super heroes. 

Anyway, I was thinking about our group, and something struck me—we all have something in common: ds106. That’s right, everyone at Reclaim Hosting has been through ds106 at least once. So we have that going for us. It was never an articulated requirement of the job, but I can’t imagine the experience hurts. What’s more, Paul Bond and Bill Generaux are teaching a comic book themed version of the course currently, so I think I need to explore the Reclaim super hero theme a bit more. Ds106 is always good for those blog stats 🙂  At the very least I need to do an animated comic book cover assignment, and there are some relevant ones out there when it comes to the Fantastic Four. 

Anyway, all by way of saying welcome to Reclaim Meredith, and it might be time to make some super hero art, dammit.

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