Risky Mermaid

Serena Epstein produced a magical mashup re-contextualizing The Little Mermaid by setting it to the soundtrack of the Risky Business trailer for professor Anand Rao’s Visual Rhetoric course. Behold the magic of this brilliant mashup; Ariel is framed in a whole new light!

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6 Responses to Risky Mermaid

  1. Alan Levine says:

    That was simply brilliant, perhaps the best acting that Cruise has ever…. no, he still is the same dude in every film. But at least he is styling in cartoon form.

  2. lraff5cy says:

    Too awesome.

  3. Brad says:

    So. Good. So good! I bow down, I weep!

  4. Scott Leslie says:

    Oh great Jim, if it’s not bad enough you trashing respectable film directors because of their association with cheesy flannel wearing rockers, now you gotta go and depress me by reminding me that it was 25 years ago that I got to see my first 14-and-over movie in a theatre (not counting the time we managed to sneak into see “Porky’s”).

    Geez, Reverend, what’s next, revelations that my childhood hero Captain Kangaroo was a transvestite? Accusations that John Hughes isn’t the brilliant director we all know him to be? (You think you’re the only one who can bait? 😉

  5. Reverend says:


    Funny you should mention John Hughes. I love his his stuff, and have been mulling over a post on him for months. I think he may be one of the film directors that catches the strange spirit of the 80s better than most others. So no argument there, I pick my battles 🙂 (BTW, just finished The Wire on your recommendation and it is the best thing that has happened to me in a decade or so, so thank you, thank you, thank you.)

    As for Risky Business, I’m with you in the getting old department, and it is a strange position we are in as cultural torch bearers for a questionable period of film and culture, though I still think it kicks the 90s ass in this regard. Now Risky Business, like John Hughes’ films, really is a landmark film, and while I agree with CogDog that Cruise can;t act, it is this film where he shines like no other, he is perfect slimey 80s prep ho gets ahead by using the flesh of others. Whoring and pimping rewarding, certainly the predominant logic of the economic scene of the Reagan 8os, yet another post.

    I’m sorry about Sean Penn, you know, I am a huge fan of his, but I have to draw the line at his films. As for Captain kangaroo, you’ll be relieved to know he wasn’t a transvestite, but he was a secret CIA op during the 80s in El Salvador who ran drugs for guns, sorry to break it to you like this 😉

  6. Scott Leslie says:

    WTF! Tom Cruise CAN’T ACT??? Oh….wait…
    I actually agree with that. Sorry, it just took me by surprise, that I was agreeing 😉

    That said, I had to give him some credit for his recent self-parody in “Tropic Thunder” – his portrayal of the rapacious film producer was one of the funnier parts of that film (albeit a cartoonish parody in a film with at best a sophmoric sense of humour.) I warn you though – approach that film with extreme caution, as it may take hours of therapy to remove from your mind the image of Cruise ‘riding the pony.’ Ugh!

    I await your Hughes post with bated breath, as I struggle to get out of my acid wash jeans, Ochestral Manouvers in the Dark playing on the Walkman that sits beside my framed commerative A-Team membership certificate. Did I mention I’m wearing a leather tie? And people wonder where GenX’s sense of disenchanment stems from…

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