Rocket Robin Hood: “Dementia 5”

Rocket Robin Hood is a Canadian animated series from the 60s that I got turned on to this past week thanks to D’Arcy Norman. And while we were watching episodes and tweeting the discovery, Grant Potter posted a link to this Rocket Robin Hood gem: “Dementia 5.” I don’t think animated superhero series can get trippier—it’s a masterpiece.

What’s more, Rocket Robin Hood shared backgrounds with the 1967 Spider-man series, and here is the episode, “Revolt in the Fifth Dimension,” which the animated trippiness from “Dementia 5” was based on, though not nearly as convincing an episode of psychedelic nuttiness.

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4 Responses to Rocket Robin Hood: “Dementia 5”

  1. Keira says:

    “An illusion with intelligence- a malignant vision of pure evil.” Sounds like amerikan talk radio. I watched this right after looking at the photo of armed nuts showing up at Obama events, via Leslie Madsen-Brooks on twitter.

    If only we could close our eyes and make them fade back across the threshold of reality. I’m ambivalent about whole superhero obsession and how it reflects or feeds our scary/nutty reality. But whatever- we watch and talk and H has things to say about it all. I loved the chip-sized library too and the gorgeous palatte.

    H liked Spiderman version more, well because it’s Spiderman and he found the RRH Dementia 5 too scary. I’m all for RRH- yet another series I missed entirely. Interesting watching it with H- it was totally blowing his mind “it’s the same story!”. As we’re writing this (H totally impatient with my slow writing- Joe Belock on WFMU played Superman by Willie Nelson. So now we dance.) Thanks Jim, D’Arcy, Grant- a good morning’s edutainment.

  2. Jon K. says:

    I think these two cartoons really affected me in my youth. Check out the Hercules cartoon with the same animation style – not as trippy but I think it pre-dates Rocket Robin Hood and Spiderman by at least 5 years. I love RRH fight scenes (which look a lot like Spiderman fight scenes…).

    Here’s the Mighty Hercules link –

  3. I love this. First saw it after hearing the WFMU podcast about the music.

  4. AC says:

    They called me crazy… Now I can die a happy man. Thank-you.

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