The ds106 99: #23 Animated GIM

No sound, but all the non-verbal cues. I love Noise Professor, his Photoshop skills are pretty epic. And the actual presentation, which I will be blogging about shortly, is not nearly as good as this animated GIF. I’m best heard wit the sound turned down.

Image of Jim Groom TV

Also, a quick note, thanks to the awesomeness that is Zach Davis bavatuesdays, ds106, and all my other sites are on a new server. Ironically, as the semester ends the ds106 digest emails have started to work and the automatic syndication through feedwordpress (no more lost hours manually changing timestamps) are fixed. I can’t thank both Zach and Lucas (of Cast Iron Coding fame) enough for all they do for ds106, they have basically hosted me for free over the last year cause I have been too poor to pay them—but that will change soon!—and also provide ds106 students at UMW who choose their hosting option with a cheap, reliable, and up-time all the time service. They rock, and not only has Zach been a great friend all these years, but also an amazing teacher—thanks Portland hippies!

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One Response to The ds106 99: #23 Animated GIM

  1. Osheen says:

    This is hilarious, Prof. Groom I’m thinking your head should be hurting now. 🙂

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