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This is an assignment I have been thinking about doing for a while, but once again never found the time. Well, now that I am a bit freer, I’ve decided to turn a series of people in my network into monsters in the spirit of the classic 1977 Monster Manual by Gary Gygax. I’ve talked before on this blog just how influential this book was on my childhood imagination, and even if you don’t care about the role playing game Advanced D&D, one could pore over the monster descriptions in this DIY masterpiece for hours. Between the various qualities, points, and percentages ascribed to each of the monsters, coupled with the images and descriptions—it was imaginative magic for me.

In the spirit of the Monster Manual¹, I am planning a series of profiles, maps, and campaigns to honor some of the folks who’ve given so much over the past four or five months to make ds106 so amazing—and I hope others play along.² I figured I would start with Alan Levine because he has been nothing short of a machine for d106 (and if you know him, I’m sure you are not surprised). With more than 60 posts, 100+ comments, boatloads of images, videos, assignment ideas, radio shows, tv shows, you name it—he did it. He should have taught this class–well actually he did!— he is simply amazing. I understand this is some small reward for all he’s done for ds106, but the only consolation I take from that is he isn’t looking for a reward, he’s simply doing it because he loves it. Thanks Alan, you make a fine first d&ds106monster!


1. The idea for the trading card monsters actually comes from the unsuccessful 1982 foray AD&D took into a four set Monster Cards series. I had them all, and I was pretty unimpressed with the artwork back in the day, that said I do wish I still had them. You can see them on this blog, and how much I envy him for finding these at a garage sale! You can see an example below:
Image of the AD&D Monster Cards

2. This idea is in many ways inspired by discussions with Tom Woodward about trying to make ds106 more like a game as well as the insanely awesome graphic/gamework done with the playing cards by the good folks at (for me that is the model to work towards.)

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10 Responses to The ds106 99: #47 d&ds106 Monster Manual—Cogdog

  1. Michael Smith (nottrivial) says:

    I love this idea. AD&D as dorky as it was, and is, brings back so many great memories of creating stories around dragons, trolls, wizards, elves, etc. I would spend hours going through the 1st edition monster manual (must check my mom’s attic for this precious text!).

    It’s all story, creating characters, building maps, and navigating through relationships.

    Though AD&D never pulled off the cards, I spent a summer playing Magic the Gathering back in its infancy in 1994. No character creation, but the assembling of your “deck” was a story building exercise too. My favorite deck was a “Pestilence Deck” built around a card of the same name that basically killed everything including yourself. Go nuclear and find a way to be the last still breathing.

    As you build on your cards, I’m suggesting I could build some rules that would allow deck building and we can make these monsters playable. Sound fun?

  2. Neat idea, and well executed with the Cogdog.

  3. I completely understand that what I am about to do is NOT in the spirit of this assignment, but my ego is saying F-it! Just ask.

    I would be honored for a card. Not any time soon, take your time, but a D&D action card from the Bava, would be pretty damn cool. #justsayin’

  4. Reverend says:


    Don’t you worry, you’ll get one soon enough. It’s an honor you like them and want one, that makes me all the more likely to do more, so thank you!!

  5. Holy crap, Jim, did you actually take the time to draw that? That’s amazing! Can I be some kind of funky (like ’70’s funky) wizard?

  6. Jim says:


    I didn’t draw the dog, I “found” it and then built th card around it. That said, I’d be happy to make a card for you. You would make an awesome wizard, give me a bit.

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