The ds106zone Broadcast: Overview of Photo Editing Tools

Link to video.

In this broadcast of , Tim Owens and I sit down to talk about some basic concepts behind photo editing, such as layers and various other tools, as well as specific tools available, GIMP and Photoshop being the most prominent and powerful. After a little banter, we demonstrated GIMP bys howing how to add text to an image, demonstrated with Rod Serling and Agnes Moorehead from “The Invaders” below:


We also figured we would demonstrate how to create an animated GIF using MPEG Streamclip and GIMP, given the Twilight Zone GIF is the only required assignment this week.

The Invaders: Knife

This was a lot of fun, and I’m gonna see if we can’t manage a few more this week, as well as set up office hours through the broadcast video setup. So if you are into the broadcasts, tune-in to at 2 PM (EDT) on Tuesdays and Thursdays for sure, but also at random times throughout the week announced on Twitter.

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