The Goon Docks

Inspired by Tech Savvy Ed‘s ds106 work-in-progress on twitter for a minimalist travel poster (see assignment here) I decided to try a quick one to keep me sharp. I am absolutely in love with the vintage “See America” travel posters and after seeing the gorgeous blue-tinted cavern poster I got an idea for linking it to the most famous film I know that deals with caves—enjoy.

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10 Responses to The Goon Docks

  1. Reverend says:

    Not totally convinced with the font, anyone have a better idea for a font that might match the 30s/40s aesthetic better?

  2. Ben says:

    Just plain awesome! I can almost hear sloth’s voice echoing off the cavern walls….”Hey you guys!!!!”

  3. Ben says:

    You should use the font found on all those all Fred Harvey logos and flyers…or you could try this one ( It shares the name Harvey, but it has a similar aesthetic.

  4. mome says:

    I agree. I love the simple yet sophisticated visual approach to the poster here…and you said it was a quick one?? :O

    I would also agree with the font though, that if anything needed to be changed that would be it. Don’t have a particular font suggestion in mind, but maybe just playing around switching through fonts might help?

    • Reverend says:

      You are too kind, and thanks for the inspiration with your Fire Swamp edition, which is far superior. As for that font, it is a bit too “handwritten” looking, I want something that screams 1930s travel.

      I didn’t really do the design, rather I stole it from the See America vintage design series here:

      And thanks for the push on the font, I am revisiting it now, hopefully I’ll have it changed very soon.

      We have the Luray Caverns here in Virginia and there is a natural Pipe Organ consisting of Stalactites (or is it stalagmites) and it is amazing. Not sure it is a plus-four because I don;t know what a plus 4 is. I am guessing you are a caver 🙂

      Yeah, Someone like you with much better design skills than me can and should have a field day with them.

  5. Nigel Robertson says:

    I wish I could go caving in plus-fours and with a walking stick and a nice hat!

  6. Slothy, Slothy, jump rope Slothy!

    Love the link to the vintage posters. Going to find some inspiration in them.

  7. Nigel Robertson says:

    Have read a book on Luray. Used to talk online to a couple of guys who were exploring caves in Virginia back in the Usenet days. For plus-fours Google and Wikipedia are your friends. What the well dressed professor should be wearing! & check the images.

  8. Reverend says:

    The plus four aesthetic is awesome, how could have I never been exposed to the term before. I want a pair! I think that should be the standard ds106radio uniform 🙂

  9. Caves in Astoria? I know there were goon docks in Portland…ice caves on Mt Hood, of course, and lava tubes in Eastern Oregon…I mean I assume these caves are not downtown Astoria–aha! sea caves in the cliffs, maybe?
    Dr. Oblivion, help me! I are sooo confus-ed!

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