The Monogamous Book Club: Inauspicious Beginnings

Well, I spent much of this morning configuring my computer for the first episode of The Monogamous Podcast. I use Alan Levine’s Rube Goldberg machine to broadcast on I am gonna leave a screenshot of my Ladiocast settings for future reference below:

That worked a treat, and I use Skype for the discussion, here are the settings for that:

So all was good there, I even figured out how to record the system audio through Audio Hijack:

I recording the Channel 2 output to mp3 through Audio Hijack and it worked. I even tested it before we started. In fact, the test is all I have from the first episode I broadcast on ds106radio with Paul Bond discussing Giorgio De Maria’s The Twenty Days of Turin. That’s right, an hour long discussion about the book lost to the ether, so to speak. But it did happen:

So, we are gonna try it again at the same time tomorrow because Paul is so mellow. Anyway, at least you can hear our 30 second outtake/theme song:

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