Thema 106


This is my entry for today’s Daily Create:

You look for a representation of DS106 in the world, and you find something close, but [not] quite it. Find something like that.

Heck today’s tag is like that. Almost a 106 but not.

I have been looking at the above 106 for almost 9 months now. It is the model name and number for the San Giorgio washing machine (lavatrice) we have here in Italy. It’s an older model (my guess is late 80s), so not as old as the one in this 1960s ad—though it seems to be a similar make and model.


Every time I see the “thema 106” tag it is a reminder of all the cool themed versions of ds106 we have run, like the Summer of Oblivion, Camp Magic McGuffin, the ds106zone (the course that brought us the inimitably creepy iamtalkytinawire106, noir106, Tales from ds106, and western106. ds106 has been a regular genre factory of awesome, and it shows no signs of letting up. Just earlier today Paul Bond was talking about the idea of an Internet-themed ds106. I dig it, and it plays on work Paul and I did with the Internet Course. I would even make the theme more specific, like internet meme culture so it doesn’t morph into a coverage course. The idea of the themes have always been fast and loose, so if they begin to hijack the spirit of fun you can jump ship easily and get back to the program 🙂

Anyway, my Daily Create isn’t so much a near miss as an excuse to finally share my ds106 themed washing machine with everyone.

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7 Responses to Thema 106

  1. Thanks for coming clean!

  2. Dear UNCLE Jim Groom,

    Tina don’t like the Mean Word!!!!!!!!!

    You know better than that. You don’t want more black marks on your badge!!!!!


  3. Plus, put your head in the Thelma 106 to clean out that mouth or it will be OFF THE CLIFF with Louise with you.

    • Reverend says:

      Whoa Tina,
      I thought we were true friends, why all the hostility? Ah, has Ben Rimes ruined the “creepy” word for all of us? I hate him!

  4. John says:

    A ds106 internet course might be an excuse to fly the

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