This ain’t no comeback, EDUPUNK has been here for years!

Finding Steve Wheeler’s presentation on EDUPUNK for a F-ALT fringe meeting today was a nice reminder for me that so many of the associations this idea took on over the course of a couple of months really do still resonate deeply with me. I believe Steve’s idea of “unleashing the anarchy of the web” is a perfect way to think about what makes this moment of DIY teaching and learning in relationship to the more traditional institutional framework of course delivery rather radical.

Stephen Downes and George Siemens Connectivism course marks a rather important moment in this regard, and with the web as your classroom, and your blog (or your tool of choice) as your notebook, who the hell is stopping you from thinking and learning what you want?! And then taking the next logical step and sharing it freely far and wide. Therein lies the real danger and threat of such an approach.

So thanks Steve for the reminder that EDUPUNK was a wee bit more than a meme gone awry, although it was that too.


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  1. Good to see my presentation/slide show was of interest to you Jim – your name popped up in conversation several times during the fringe events at ALT-C this year, and your poster boy image (and also my own repurposed version – a compliment, believe me) were also well used. Let’s continue the struggle to unleash the anarchy of the web so that learning is transformed!


  2. Steven Egan says:

    Wow! A couple months behind, I’m thrilled to come across the term, following and dedication that is “edupunk.” I find it encouraging that there is such a strong interest in this direction, being another person pushing towards self-education through digital tools. Schools and teachers have there place, and so do the means to improve yourself.

    Steven Egan
    Igen Oukan

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