This Week in ds106 (Episode 1)

Hope your first week went well and was not too disorientating in terms of ds106.  I wanted to send you a quick note to remind you of a few things.

Week 1 Assignments:

1) For the first week you have two assignments due: getting your web host and domain up and running as well as installing a WordPress blog

2) Doing at least 3 daily creates (required for registered students of section 1 at UMW) on the day they are due. You can find the daily create site here:

This is laid out more specifically in the assignment post on my personal blog here:

Important: when you have setup your domain please send me the URL so I can be sure it syndicates into and that it is set up correctly. This is due by Sunday, January 22nd. This takes time, don;t wait until the last minute.

Tuning into ds106
Keep in mind that not every ds106 face-to-face course will be streamed. I will stream as many as possible, but in general I will try and only stream the one’s where there is a guest speaker or specific lecture. If you would like me to stream the workshops too let me know. Also, I have no problem if you decide to join the workshops that will happen on a weekly basis in person, but this is not required.

As I mention in the above assignment posts, you can tune into ds106 when it is live through live video stream here: or on the radio station which is linked from the front page of

This Week in ds106
Finally, the other instructor and I, Alan Levine, will be doing a weekly video on Monday getting everybody set for what’s in store for the coming week as well as wrap-up of the week on Friday. This series will be called This Week in ds106, and hopefully will help you stay on track. You can see the first episode we did this afternoon below:

DS106 Week One Review from umwnewmedia on Vimeo.

Some important reminders and technical advice
A few reminders. Be sure to have your twitter, flickr, soundcloud, and youtube accounts setup as soon as possible Additionally, be sure you add at least 5 images immediately to your flickr account so it is recognized and they activate the feed. Accounts with less than 5 images do not have their feed activated right away.

Also, a number of UMW students have been reporting that the hosting page at Hover is caching on the local network so that it shows that your domain and webhost are still parked at Hover when in reality anyone from a different access point or on a different network can see your site, or at least the index page of your site. If your site has been stuck at your domain register for an inordinate amount of time have someone from a different location check your URL and have them tell you what they see.

CPanel and File Manager
In last night’s face-to-face class we spent some time talking about CPanel, File Manager, Add-On Domains and PHPMyAdmin as a kind of overview to your web hosting account. I would love it if someone took the initiative to do an overview of any one of these elements of CPanel. One of the things I really encourage you all to do is explore and tinker with the web hosting account you have. See what you can do, try and break it eve, get a sense of what it means to manage your own little piece of the web.

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8 Responses to This Week in ds106 (Episode 1)

  1. Benjamin says:

    Is there a link that explains how you are setting up the Daily Create? How you aggregate students’ work across the web?

  2. scottlo says:

    I really like this idea of previewing and debriefing the week.

    By a freak-coincidence of the timing of our classes across the timezones, there is an overlap of when your class ends in Virginia and ours begins in Tokyo. We watched part of your first class on our Wednesday morning.

    I don’t think we can do video uplink but we’ll try to pick up the radio stream from time to time if it’s available.

    Looking forward to an amazing ride this semester.

  3. Reverend says:


    Can you join us for these previews of the week and wrap ups? That would be awesome. Also, this week Thursday we are broadcasting Gardner Campbell via video, so you guys can come in for that, and we will be broadcasting Bryan Alexander the following week, both on Thursdays. It is gonna be an amazing ride, indeed, and your students are already killing it.

  4. scottlo says:

    The following Thursdays with Gardner and Bryan will be great. I’ll be sure to get to the lab early and tune in. Not sure about Skype connectivity from the lab – maybe with my iPhone though.

    As for weekly preview or round-up, I’m game to join in. Will you guys do the preview on Sundays or Mondays?

  5. Benjamin says:

    Thanks “Reverend” for the link. Also, how do you deal with the licensing of student products (e.g., Creative Commons)? Is there an institutional policy? Or is this handled at the classroom level? Curious.

  6. Reverend says:

    Mondays are when we are planning these, any interest on joinging us today? I would think we are gonna do this around 3 PM EST. If earlier I will let you know.

  7. Reverend says:


    We leave the copyright issue up to the students, what we do is talk to them about the landscape, their rights, and their options.

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