Turn up the Audio: Assignments for Week 6

Image credit: “On Air” by OCV Photo

Here’s what is expected of students in UMW section 1 for our next class and the rest of the week. The deadline for all work is midnight on Sunday, February 26th.

Come to class with a collection of sound clips to use (downloaded from a source such as freesound.org, recorded yourself, or sounds from elsewhere. You should also have Audacity installed in your computer or another sound editing software (such as GarageBand for Mac).

Here is a basic tutorial by Andy Rush that introduces downloading and making recordings with Audacity that should get you started, but keep in mind there are tons of resources out on the web. For more in-depth resources on audio, see Andy Rush’s brilliant overview of Digital Audio.

In class, we will all be creating a Sound Effect Story and posting it to Sound Cloud. By the end of the week you should write a blog post that describes your story, provides information on the source material of your sounds, and includes the tags for this assignment. This is also required of online students in Section 1.

For extra practice in sound editing, complete another 4 stars worth of audio assignments, each blogged separately.

Listen to one radio show from either This American Life or RadioLab. Write a blog post describing the show (be sure to link back to the web page for the episode) and include your observations of audio techniques used in the story (e.g. use of music, layering of sounds, transitions, bumpers, etc).

Review the radio show assignment we will be working on now through Spring Break. You will have time in class to start forming groups; by Friday, someone from each group needs to contact me (via email and/or twitter) identifying your team and its name.

Complete three Daily Creates this week and write a recap summary.

Special thanks to Alan for giving me the framework for my assignments (leaning on him heavy during audio, as I did Martha last Spring 🙂 ).

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