vinylcast #12: Hits on Film

Today’s show was a lot of fun, and a much lighter air than yesterday’s broodcast. I was experimenting with a new setup I blogged here,  and vinyl and the mic levels worked, but there were some reported issues with iTunes-will experiment more on that front. Today’s show was super fun because Antonella and I teamed up for the Anto and Jim Show to discuss everything that’s been going on around us here in Trento. It was a hour-long discussion, and I had a lot of fun. I will post the audio here as well shortly, but we had a good back-and-forth and were able to watch and interact with folks on Twitter as well, which is always a blast. After that I locked in for another #vinylcast, this one was a 1987 Italian album called Hits on Film which I found at a local record store in Trento. I figured it was appropriate given Paul Bond’s ds106 course right now is 80s themed, and this vinyl had famous movie themes from the 80s, you can see them all on Discogs here. I also used Twitter to announce each song and include a GIf, which was a blast. Fun show, felt like I was catching my stride on the radio a bit.
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