Vinylcast #37: Side 1 of Van Halen II

This is actually half a #vinylcast given I was trying out the new overhead camera setup, which is pretty slick.

I already blogged about this setup on bavatuesdays but I figured it I might want to get it posted here as well. I will most likely do an entire #vinylcast with both sides this time. I bought this album locally, and I have to say that Van Halen II aged well for me, David Lee Roth really is a pretty nuanced high-pitched scream machine. Unless my follow-up attempt at a using the #vinylcam for a #vinylcast, this one was seamless. No video streaming crash or camera malfunction.

I have both the audio and video (vertical and horizontal) for this one, and will include them both below….

Side 1 of Van Halen’s Van Halen II
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