Vinylcast #45: The Alarm’s Eye of the Hurricane

Another #vinylcast on #ds106radio, making it two days in a row. This one was in honor of the fact we have gone into a 3 week lockdown, which is reminiscent of the year-long radio revival. Today’s vinyl was not a crowd favorite, not that we ever have much of a crowd, but here are a few reactions:

Yeah, it was a tough crowd, but the criticism was fair. The Alarm doesn;t age all that well, and while I am a sucker for anthem’s, there duping of the U@ style is painfully apparent.

That said, I did enjoy the I.R.S. Records insert, and being on the radio is always fun, so there’s that.

There was a cool “Campione Gratuito” (free copy) hole punched into this Italian vinyl which I found pretty cool, but does this mean they couldn’t give it away in Italy? Not so sure given the Italian record stores I have been to have a healthy supply of UK new wave, in fact it is probably the easiest thing to get here, North American punk a bit harder—but wonder if that has more to do with labels and distribution back in the day more that anything else.

vinylcast: The Alarm’s Eye of the Hurricane #ds106radio
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