Vinylcast #48: IDLES’s Ultra Mono

Inspired by an epic show by Brian Lamb I jumped on the #ds106radio for an impromptu #vinylcast of an album that arrived that very morning, a fortuitous occasion indeed.

Or even #ds106radio

I was lucky enough to pickup a few listeners from Brian’s tour de force, and I used the occasion to do a bit of an unboxing of what turned out to be an absolutely beautiful album, complete with a museum-esque booklet.

All-in-all the IDLES absolutely rocked, and I was glad to share it on the mighty #ds106radio. I did notice there is a bit of a high-tone pitch running underneath the album as it broadcasts on the radio, so I am gonna need to hunt that down and resolve it. You can only hear it between the breaks, but it is annoying enough to that it needs to go. And with that, here is the audio for your listening pleasure!

IDLES Ultra Mono on #vinylcast on #ds106radio
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