Vinylcast #55: After Dark 3

This was a two-part on ds106radio x-cast to Reclaim Radio, while streaming to The vertical and the horizontal. The vinyl was a compilation of artists on the Italians Do It Better record label called After Dark 3, and it’s a treat. If you are into the synth/vaporwave movement that returns to the neon sounds of the 80s, this is right up your alley.

Image of label for side two of the 3 vinyl compilation album After Dark 3 from IDIB

You can can see a full track listing on Discogs, but the songs feature gems from Glüme, Desire, Chromatics, Joon, Johnny Jewel, and many more. The stream gets off to a slow start in part 1, you might want to push to 9 minutes if you actually want to listen to the music rather than my futzing.

After Dark 3, Part 1 plays the first 3 sides of this three-disc vinyl

It took a few weeks, but did get around to finishing the second part of this and playing the last 3 sides of the remaining vinyl. I think one of the things to mention about this vinyl beyond the awesome 80s inspired new wave sounds is the aesthetic of the record sleeves. They are so beautiful!

Vinyl sleeve: Is anybody out there?
Vinyl sleeve: Music is medicine!

As always with these vinylcasts, they’re music to work-by for me, and in general a lot of fun to talk to the airwaves of 2 or 3 people in the breaks. In fact, during the second stream there was a fun chat with a strange, anonymous figure who was under the impression colored vinyl cannot be played on a US turntable, and that the album was far too big for a small figure like me to move ? You can’t make this stuff up, the web is still weird on .

After Dark 3, Part 2 plays the last 3 sides of this three-disc vinyl

And if you are not into the whole video thing, here are the two separate audio files for each show:

vinylcast of After Dark 3 Part 1 broadcast 10/4/2022
Vinylcast of After Dark 3, Part 2 broadcast on 10/24/2022
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