Weeks 14-15: Fandom, Archiving, and Wrap-Up

It has been a long, inspiring semester—but now it is coming to an end and this post will take you through the last of it. Please read it all, and please read it carefully.

Also, important note for UMW students, tomorrow I will be distributing course reviews at the beginning of class (and be sending out links for the UMW-based online students) this is your time for payback. If you miss class, you lose all your power to stop ds106 from infecting future generations—act now!

I. Final Week Conferences
As promised, UMW students will be having yet another individual conference with me during finals week (the third and last). This will be a 5-10 minute meeting. We will square up on assignments, I will make sure you have archived your site (see below), and you will receive your final grade.

Here is the sign-up sheet: http://ds106.us/wiki/index.php?title=Week_15_Meeting_Sign-Up

II. Fandom Assignment
For the last creative assignment we will be doing a fandom assignment. This assignment—and the archiving and reflection pieces detailed below— will be due at least 24 hours before we meet for the last time so I can review everything and assign you a grade. Please meet this deadline.

The fandom assignment gives you free reign to intervene in a story, TV series, film, artwork, comic, novel, poem, etc., that you are a fan of. Don’t tell me you are not a fan of something—everyone is a fan of something! The idea here is that most of what we have been doing all semester has been an intervention in a series of texts through a variety of media. In this assignment you choose the text, the media, and the form of intervention you want to make. It can be as simple or as complex as you like, and I simply want to see where you go with this. Have fun, and impress!

Assignment tag: “fandom” (no quotes).

III. Advice for Future ds106ers
As a final reflection on the class, I want everyone to write a letter to an imaginary future student of ds106. Feel free to tell them whatever you want, just back it up with examples and points to speak to. Don’t simply say “Don’t take this class!” —explain why one should not take the class in some detail.

Assignment tag: “ds106advice” (no quotes).

IV. Archiving your blog(s)/website(s)
Everyone needs to archive their website/blog before they meet with me next week.

* If you are keeping your web hosting and domain as they are than you won’t have an issue. There is no archiving required then.

* If you plan on one of the following two options:
1. Keeping your domain but moving to a new web host
2. Getting rid of both your domain and your webhost

You should follow the instructions/tutorials here.

You will have questions about this process over the next two weeks, and I am around to help you out with whatever you need.

V. Section 3 Final Session
Section 3 will be meeting during the final exam period on Thursday, April 28th at 6:00PM in Combs 139 for an event/wrap-up/surprise. There will be no final presentations, though your attendance during the final period is mandatory unless you have spoken with me (this goes only for the face-to-face class). Ther ewill be an open, online component of this final session as well.

It has been an awesome semester, finish strong!

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  2. If we are keeping our blog do we still archive it?

    • Reverend says:


      Are you staying with Cast Iron Coding? If so, then you don;t need to archive it, but if you are moving to a different web host, I would recommend it.

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