Wire 106: S03E01 “Time After Time”

This week Wire 106 has been a bit hectic between my being away in NYC and then getting sick on my return. Which was further complicated by the fact we are now starting a two week odyssey into radio shows straddled across Fall Break. So, Paul and I decided to do the episode conversations this week by ourselves. This week we assigned Season 3, Episode 1 of The Wire, “Time After Time.” You can find our commentary for Episode 12 of Season 2 here.

David Simon and executive producer Nina Kostroff Noble provide commentary on episode 1 of season 3, and they raise a number of interesting points that we discuss. For example, Simon notes Marlo Stanfield’s drug war with Barksdale’s crew in season 3 parallels the insurgencies going on in Iraq asa result of the 2003 invasion. They also discuss the brilliant opening scene for season 3 which frames the theme of reform that will undergird the entire season. What’s more, it encapsulates a powerful indictment of reform, which is not only apparent in Bodie’s upbraiding of Poot’s constant visits to the clinic for the clap—but the 9/11esque smoke destruction in the streets of Baltimore. The episode’s title refers to a constant repetition of the same broken methods on the personal, local, national, and international scales. Season 3 is gonna be awesome.

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